Angry Birds Space for Windows 8

This Windows 8-compatible "Angry Birds" spinoff features the same core gameplay as the main series

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8

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The newest installment of Angry Birds takes these hotheads into space, pitting them against the pigs once again in an intergalactic battle to the finish. The new saga takes place on planets in new galaxies and integrates zero gravity features with new challenges.

Slow motion puzzles give way to destruction at the speed of light, and these pigs aren't taking any stuff from this temperamental team of birds. This version, specially formulated for Windows 8, introduces new birds, an entire galaxy and exciting new superpowers. Kidnap the opponent's eggs and create an epic battle of wills and strength that is out of this world.

One of the best features of Angry Birds in Space is the ability to unlock achievements and rack up points, delivering a more intense and exciting experience. Shoot a bird into a lagrangian point and instantly enjoy a bonus. Pop 1,000 pigs and unlock the pig popper achievement or smash 50,000 blocks for even more points. Play Angry Birds for 15 hours and get points for being a true space bird fan.

With more than 130 levels to master, this version of Angry Birds will keep you throwing birds for hours. Space pigs will do anything to protect their eggs, so be prepared for a battle to the finish in this intergalactic game of skill. Available for Windows 8, this game features vibrant colors and graphics that will keep you hooked.

Angry Birds in space hit the ground running, with more than 10 million downloads in the first few weeks after its launch. Using a similar format to the original, you can still use the same tactics to get job done. Each bird has a task, whether it is splitting in three, exploding or dive bombing, your birds will get the job done while being flung between shooting stars, orbiting planets and ascending asteroids.

Angry Birds purists will find some of the graphics distracting and want to focus simply on getting the birds to their targets. Although the game has multiple boards, each with a different theme, there is little change from the original format that Angry Birds have grown to love. The levels, of course, get tougher as you go along, and many hardcore players find it advantageous to buy "helps" to make mastering these levels possible. Buy a black hole and annihilate everything in your path and find yourself beating your high score every time.


Exciting new themes and achievements

Vibrant graphics and sounds

New and expanded bird powers


Add heavy for Android users and those using the free version

Difficult to move up to higher levels without paying for extra features

Changing scenes can become distracting

Angry Birds is the most downloaded of any mobile game in the world, and the space edition for Windows 8 surpassed the expectations of its creators. With new galaxies, asteroids and planets, you can take out your anger on those pesky pigs right from your handheld mobile device, desktop or laptop. Available for immediate download.

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